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Baiju Parthan, Reverse Sublimation

Art Musings presents The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Curated by Ranjit Hoskote

Featuring works by 

Ajay Dhandre | Baiju Parthan | Chittrovanu Mazumdar | Nandan Purkayastha

5 March – 27 April 2019


The first of the five exhibitions The Castle of Crossed Destinies opens on 5 March ’19 featuring four artists whose individually distinctive oeuvres intersect at key points. All of them are devoted to a consideration of the unpredictable convergence of past and future. All are held in rapture by the simultaneity of fossil, trace, engine and dream. All, in different ways, reflect pensively on what it means to be human as well as animal or machine, to belong to several species or categories of being at the same time. These concerns have animated the practices of Ajay Dhandre, Baiju Parthan, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, and Nandan Purkayastha, across generations, geographical locations, pedagogical trajectories and journeys of exploration, and choices of medium.

For further details, contact: Leena Atmakour, ART MUSINGS

 Admiralty Bldg, Colaba Cross Lane, Mumbai 400005

Tel: (022) 22163339   Email:



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