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S.T.Unicom introduces handles & handrails from Serip launched at Maison & Objet

SERIP, world’s most acclaimed organic, luxury lighting brand has unveiled new designs mesmerizing the audience at this year’s Maison & Objet January 2019 edition. The luxury concept lighting brand has stepped into a different genre by introducing door handles and handrails which are class apart. Focusing on few products from the launch here in this release. 

Origem Handrail 

Inspired by nature’s language

The starting point, the beginning, the source, the trunk of the offspring. The origin that brings together a concept. Joining the inspiration into a singular and unique form that translates Serip’s language creating a piece that establishes the core of the tailor-made and diffuses the particular way how the brand expresses herself. Serip present the ‘Origem’ handrail, nailing their roots to the ground. Material: Bronze


Vogel Door Handle

Inspired by moon craters

Inspired by the lunar surface, Vogel handle was named after a small moon crater, establishing the connection with the pattern composed by thousands of tiny craters, producing shades and unique forms that print the Serip’s signature using singular organic patterns. This piece reproduces several nature impacts, resulting from the touch of other celestial bodies with thousands and millions of years. Creating unique forms that can be discovered and rediscovered in every touch and every look.  Material: Bronze


Torso door handle

Inspired by curves of a tree

Inspired by the way a torso wriggles, creating new curves that balance all the shafts and twists.

This shape looks like a tree trunk dancing to the sound of the wind breeze.The Torso handle personifies a sculpture of a sinuous body, almost like a frozen moment of nature. Material: Bronze


Nimbus door handle

Inspired by cloudy skies

In the immensity of the sky, we can contemplate the most varied patterns of this natural phenomenon, which scatters clouds like pieces of cotton and mixes them with contrasting tones, in the most different shapes and forms they are responsible for stunning natural effects scintillating rays and majestic thunderings. The Nimbus handle perpetuates the shapes of these rays drawn in the sky as if it had caught the moment when light tears heaven. Material: Bronze


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